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03/28/10 05:04 PM #1    

Richard Hilderbrandt

Welcome to the Souderton Area Shs High School Class Of 1960 forums. Please press "Post Response" to participate in the discussion.

06/25/10 03:02 PM #2    


Paul Kramer

Richard, I agree with Muriel. This website is really neat!!! I'm enjoying it immensely! The more info we can get on here, the better.

07/12/10 09:15 PM #3    


C. Scott Moyer

Dear Classmates,

I know you all know about the passing of Lee, Muss, OX. Many of us felt a special connection with Lee.....but then, Lee had a special connection with all of us! He truly was a great guy! I cherish the time we had together and hope we can connect again with "the big guy in the sky"! When Sara and I bought our condo in Ft Myers from Lee he kept warning us of the pending "bubble". He was right and we're still "upside down" in that property......but so what! It was fun doing "the deal" with Lee! I remember that devlish laugh and jovial coy smile .... he will truly be missed!

Love to all,


07/31/10 01:30 PM #4    


Douglas Moyer


Hey Ed,

I'd be interested in playing golf, whenever and wherever....just let me know..

Doug Moyer

09/07/10 11:13 PM #5    


Robert Grafton

 Here is an idea that we all might enjoy at our reunion. If somebody has a good small CD player that they could bring to the reunion ( perhaps even a Boise player etc.)we could play songs from the 50's. Let me know. My wife opened a box of 5 CD's that cover the best 75 songs from the 50's by the original artists. Peggy Sue, Oh Donna etc. Anyhow, if interested let me know and I will bring the music.  

10/08/10 08:37 AM #6    

Muriel Fitzgerald (Jones)

Wouldn't it be fun to have a 50th Reunion group/class photo?

10/18/10 10:59 AM #7    


John Slotter

 What a great evening at the reunion on Saturday.  My only regret is that I was unable to spend more time throughout the weekend with classmates.  Becoming acquainted again with so many past friends was such a "high" that I should have done it years ago.  A special thank you to the committed for making it possible and to Richard for a great web site.  Looking forward to staying in closer touch with all from the class of '60.  John Slotter

10/18/10 11:33 AM #8    


C. Scott Moyer

To all who organized our reunion....great job! It is a privilage to be part of such an outstanding group classmates!



10/18/10 12:49 PM #9    

Peggy Knowles (Dunning)


Ohhhh how sad i am to have missed the reunion!The photos are magnificant!!! I recognized many but many i didn't! Anyone have time to identify people in those photos and possibly post names with photos???? I've been in PA this year in July and September having to do with care for my parents who are living at Dock Community. Just couldn't manage another flight this month. I'm so glad for the opportunity to post and see photos etc.

10/18/10 01:32 PM #10    


Beverly Diehl (Clark)

    I just want to add a note to all of those who are so generous in their thanks to the Reunion Committee.  I have been on the committee for the last two reunions and look forward to doing it again.  The organizing meetings at Jeanette (Hangey) and Ron Landes' home in Telford are inevitably a couple hours of laughter with a few minutes of actual decision making.  Somehow the work gets done, mainly through the persistence of Jeanette, Ron, and Ann (Alderfer) Renner.  If it weren't for them, the reunion would probably be held at the R&S Keystone Diner.  All of us do a little; they do a lot.     

10/18/10 06:17 PM #11    


Jo Hope (Benton)

What a great reunion! I am still in overwhelm after seeing and talking to so many classmates. Yes, I regret not having come to previous reunions, but our 50th was indeed very special. Hopefully, we won't wait 5 more years to communicate with each other. Being at the reunion reminded me what a wonderful group of classmates we have. It was so much fun to compare grandchildren photos and to try to discover what folks have been doing for 50 years. I also enjoyed finding common interests... those hikers, animal lovers, outdoor enthusiasts, travelers, "readers," etc. The walk down memory lane brought many laughs.

Thanks to Roydie for providing his stories and jokes that made us laugh even more. Thanks to the planning committee for handling all the details and providing the atmosphere for such great socializing. Thanks to Dick for our website and now for providing the way for us to keep talking.

And now we are creating more memories. I won't forget braving the icy winds at the football game with other hearty souls!

Cheers from Atlanta, Jo

11/04/10 04:37 PM #12    


Pamela Rose (Clemens)


What a wonderful 50th reunion. 

The Breakfast and tour of the New Souderton High School was excellent.    I sincerely enjoyed the look of wonder on our guides faces when we were asked what our swimming pool was like and we shared with them we didn't have one.  I wonder what they thought of that. 

The dinner was delightful.  So great to connect with classmates some of whom I have not seen in 50 years. 

Special Thanks to all of the members of the reunion committee who did such a great job of putting together a very special weekend.    You all deserve gold stars. 


Pam Rose Clemens

P.S.  Ted sends his Thank you also as he was so pleased to be able to catch up with some undergrads that he has not seen in years. 



11/13/10 11:12 AM #13    


Sharon Fenstermacher (Kunz)

     Didn't we have a grand time at our 50th reunion?  A special commendation to all, coming from

both far and near, who took time out of their routine to attend.

     Thanks go to Ron & Jeanette Landes, who not only takes the initiative of chairing a committee

 every five years, but also opens their home for the meetings.  Also, to the committee members

who see that the minute details get done.

     Thanks, Roydie for your ability to keep us laughing, and to Charlie Clemmer for the inspiring

prayer, asking for blessings on us gathered, as well as those not present.

     Thanks to Ann Renner, who did an outstanding typing job for our booklet and for keeping

up with our treasurer duties.

     Thanks to Richard Hildebrandt for keeping up this web site.  Let's keep in touch until we meet

again in another five years!

                    Sharon Fenstermacher Kunz










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